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“Night Will Fall”

Typically, I reserve my more serious and far less fun stuff for my other blog. Today, I am making an exception for which I hope you will forgive me. Tomorrow, January 27, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Tomorrow, HBO will air “Night Will Fall” which will largely feature footage from Hitchcock’s documentary documenting what was learned when the Allies liberated some of the Nazi death camps. It is unfortunate that for political reasons Hitchcock’s documentary, and the shocking images it contained, was shelved. Man’s inhumanity to man should not, must not, be glossed over, ignored or treated as “that’s just the way things are.” Some things, I submit, are too evil to be ignored, tolerated or forgotten.

You can read a much more insightful and far better written post about the documentary at Bayou Renaissance Man’s blog, here.

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