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Of Boats, Travel and Wanderlust

I’ve mentioned before that I really like boats. Apparently, it’s genetic. About two days ago, my oldest son called me to let me know he’s considering

  1. Joining the Merchant Marine
  2. Staying in long enough to gain his First Mate certification, and
  3. Buying his own sailboat/motorsailer and both liveaboard and charter

Apparently, wanderlust and the desire to travel has not skipped a generation.

All of which has me considering boats, yet again, especially motorsailers. That’s a pretty dramatic departure from houseboats. Why would I do that? Blame it on my time living on one coast or island or another. As much as there is to explore, just on the Mississippi River system (about 15k miles of shoreline), the world has a whole lot more. And, as much as I could really enjoy spending my days cruising up and down the Mississippi and its tributaries, the fact is houseboats are designed for protected waters and the idea of being on a boat but still being effectively landlocked bothers me. Think about this: It is possible to cruise the Mississippi River system, enter the Great Lakes, work your way across the Northeast, transit down the eastern seaboard, cruise about the tip of Florida and eventually work your way back to the Mississippi. It’s called the Great Loop…but you can’t reasonably (or safely) do it in a houseboat because of the time spent in the Great Lakes and offshore. But, with a motorsailer, especially one equipped with modern wind, solar and hydro generators, there is almost nowhere one couldn’t theoretically head. Combine that with building an online business and suddenly it becomes much more than theoretical.

Boats are freedom

Boats are freedom

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