Garden Planning Update…Starter Boxes

WordPress likes me, today, so I was able to upload a couple of pics of the concrete forms I’m re-purposing as starter boxes. With 5 of them, I probably have more than I need, still, it’s nice to know I’ll be able to start everything without having to worry about containers.

5 starter boxes for the garden.

5 starter boxes for the garden.

They’re pretty big. Outside dimensions are 96″ x 16″. Inside, after taking the inner divisions into account, I wind up with about 88″ x 13.5″ of usable space in each one. With 5 boxes, that means I have 5940 sq inches. Wow! The 3/4″ plywood bottoms make them sorta heavy, but that’s okay. They aren’t likely to fall apart any time soon.

Inside a starter box

Inside a starter box

Later today, hopefully, I’ll be buying my seed starting mix and tomorrow the fun begins.

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