A Travel Idea

I should preface this with an admission. My family of origin is from the coast of North Carolina. Before that, my dad’s branch was from the coast of Scotland. One uncle was in the Navy and another in the Coast Guard. I was in both. The result? I like boats. I like boats a lot. When I travel, if I have the time, I like to explore. It doesn’t usually matter how far I go in a day if I get to explore and look around. All of which brings me to the subject of houseboats. Yes, houseboats. Those ubiquitous and often horribly ugly floating hometels found on many lakes and rivers, sometimes captained by people unable to read navigation charts or follow the rules of the road for ships and boats (I know I’m biased, but several years in the Coast Guard will do that to you).

The Mississippi River System comprises not just the Mississippi River. It also includes portions of the Cumberland, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas and Missouri Rivers, as well. All together, it encompasses about 15,000 miles of commercially navigable water (I note commercially because many smaller recreational vessels can navigate waters that aren’t viable for commercial traffic). That’s a lot to explore, even without considering the possibilities opened by using a boat that draws far less water than a commercial tug or barge. Think of it this way:

  • The Mississippi River is navigable from Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN all the way to New Orleans, LA
  • The Missouri River is navigable from Sioux City, IA to St. Louis, MO
  • The Cumberland River is navigable for some 190 miles, from its mouth on the Ohio RIver
  • The Ohio River is navigable from its mouth at Cairo, IL all the way to Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Tennessee River is navigable from its mouth near Paducah, KY to Knoxville, TN
  • The Illinois River and Waterway is navigable from Lake Michigan to its mouth in Grafton, IL
  • The Arkansas River (along with the Verdigris River) is navigable from its mouth on the Mississippi to Tulsa, OK

Again, that’s a lot to explore. So, here’s the idea with which I’m toying for a few years from now:

  • Liquidate as much “stuff” as possible
  • Buy and rebuild (or build new) a houseboat
  • Equip it for a home office
  • Explore, explore, explore

Now, to convince my wife…

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