Abandoned Church

A few weeks ago my wife and I were making one of our “hey, let’s go exploring” drives. In Santa Anna, TX we came across this abandoned church building. It seemed to shout “Hey, look at me! Take my picture before I’m gone.” We took a lot of pictures, but only two of them seemed worth including here. I would have loved to explore the inside. Sadly, the building is posted “no trespassing.” I’m not sure why old abandoned buildings fascinate us so. I only know they do.

Old and abandoned, but so fascinating

Old and abandoned, but so fascinating

I thought boarding it up, with the presumably unintentional formation of a cross over this window was worth its own shot. It’s my favorite picture of the building.

An unintentional cross?

An unintentional cross?

That was about all we saw in Santa Anna. There’ll be more coming. Texas is filled with little towns that have abandoned buildings from bygone eras. I wonder how many we’ll get to see.

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3 thoughts on “Abandoned Church

  1. Great photographs. There is something so intriguing about abandoned buildings… and the treasures someone might have left behind.


    • Thanks. I agree about the intrigue of abandoned buildings and what might be left behind. I think that sense of intrigue is a big motivator for urban spelunkers.


  2. I love riding the unknown road and enjoy the unexpected site that comes to view as we top a hill. My wife and I were riding last summer in the rural area of eastern Iowa and came across an old church. The old church was not what caught my eye. Behind the church was an old, extensively used I’m sure, out-house but again, that was not the real attraction. On the opposite side of the street, across from the church, was a burned out and collapsed building and in the front lawn of that property was the statue of a gorilla. One could ponder for days on the story behind the placement of that gorilla. Come to think of it I think I will write a quick blog on that encounter. I would add a picture here, but will be selfish and use the picture on my own blog. 🙂


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